What is Five Element Acupuncture

The basis of the classical five element acupuncture system is really so simple. What does it need to thrive? It needs the sun is warm, and that’s the fire element. It needs soil, it needs a place in which to extend its roots we call that Earth. It needs air, and trace minerals and elements in the soil we call that metal. It needs water and the seat itself that becomes the growing living plant is the wood. So these are the five elements fire Earth, metal, water, and wood. Nature has predetermined that if these five elements are in balance, this planet will thrive. What happens if one of these elements becomes imbalanced, too much or too little. We will have to set the balance of all the rest and the plant will fail to thrive. We have the same five elements within us. They manifest a little differently inside human being. But when these are in perfect balance, we manifest perfect health. If one of these becomes imbalanced, it will imbalance all the rest and then you will become sick. So, the goal of the five-element practice is to restore the balance and harmony of those five elements to perfect balance and harmony. So that human beings will thrive.


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