What is Cupping? How Cupping is Done?

Cupping is a traditional treatment, which involves the physician applying suction to affected areas, using special cups. It stretches of tight fascia and your body and eights and muscle relaxation. It reduces stagnation, promotes better Qi blood circulation and dispels pathogenic factors such as stemness, wind, heat and cold. Cupping is commonly used to treat pain disorders, muscle aches and fascial tension. But it can also help in the treatment of flu, and to relieve stress and anxiety. It is often used together with acupuncture and other treatment methods.


For cupping various cups of different materials can be used. Here about Chinese medicine, we use glass cups of different sizes. There are a few different techniques when it comes to cupping.


Stationary Cupping: Where the cups are placed on your body for five to 10 minutes.

Flash Cupping: When cups are rapidly placed and removed from the body.

Glide Cupping: For a lubricant is used to allow the cups to be moved back and forth.

Firstly, you should note that the number of cups on the earth in which deposition and a cupping technique used vary according to your condition. During this procedure, a small flame will be used to create a partial vacuum in the cup, after which the cover we placed on your body. You might feel about soreness as skin and Paschal layers are drawn into the cup after cup. Visible marks may be left on the body, and it may take a few days to disappear. These marks signify to a certain extent the degree of stagnation in your body.


The following is a general guideline to what is darkness and shade of the marks.

  • We reflect pink or light red marks, healthy circulation Zakim red marks, moderate stagnation.
  • Dark purple marks: Severe stagnation and poor circulation.
  • Pale purple marks: Qi blood deficiency


But do remember that cupping is not suitable for everyone. Do check with a TCM physician before you partake in any form of treatment.


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