Cosmetic acupuncture has actually been around for 1000s of years, and it was the emphasis of China that would originally get this procedure done. So, what we know about it today is that is the only cosmetic procedure out there that actually makes you healthier as you go through the process.


Whenever we’re working with a patient with cosmetic acupuncture our priority to figure out if they have a weak digestive system, we need to confirm that if they have a weakened immune system, we need to strengthen that if they’re not getting enough sleep, we need to make to fix acupuncture going. Now secondarily, we want to affect the skin itself. We have a couple of layers of our skin. The first layer is the epidermis, and that’s what we can exfoliate off when we wash our face, underneath that is called the dermis. We’re trying to affect with the acupuncture needles, so we want to insert it three millimeters into the skin, that what that way, we’re actually touching the dermis. As a result, it sends a message to the brain to say send blood flow to the face, increase elastics increased collagen. Specifically, with the face, It’s about elastin and collagen. Because, most women who are concerned with anti-aging, know that. We want to get elastin and collagen, which’s going to fill in the fine lines, that are going to soften the deeper wrinkles. It would take me 10 to 15 minutes to get the needles in, and then you rest for 30 minutes.


It’s a series of 10 treatments. So, you have to come in twice a week for five weeks. Then you need to come back once a month for maintenance. It helps with skin tone. So maybe people have rosacea with acne. It can help to soften and smooth the texture of the skins.


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