Tui Na Massage: Methods & Impacts

Tui Na Massage history goes back hundreds of years. But primarily, it is used as a modality to help with illness. It is governed by the principles of Chinese medicine. So it follows the same guidelines as herbal medicine and acupuncture. We will describe several techniques of China. So, the first trainer technique that we are going to explain is the rolling method.

The Rolling method is a great technique to relax the body and improve local circulation. Rolling the body is very important to good technique. As a response to this technique, the whole body moves. So, it affects the whole body as well as the lower back.

The following technique is finger spring. Finger springing takes advantage of the oscillating technique to says rolling takes also advantage of that wave pattern. Finger’s spring is more specific, are we use it many times on acupoints. On meridians, we can use it also in places where there are tight spaces in between bones. The vibration tends to go straight down rather than across.

Another technique is kneading, which also falls under the category of oscillating techniques. Kneading uses direct pressure that also goes circularly in and out.

The succeeding technique is grasping. Grasping can be done where you are squeezing the muscle and going across the fibers. You will see the whole body respond. It is an excellent technique for working areas that are commonly tense and tight just from daily living, the neck and the shoulders and upper back.


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