Acupuncture for Sciatica

My name is Maria Saunders. I’m 27 years old. And since the age of 21, I have suffered from Sciatica. It comes and goes. Because I had an office job, I had to sit down all day. That’s where I notice that the pain gets a lot worse. I found that the pain eases when I get up, walking, or stretching. I’ve been to doctors’ numerous times. They’d given me anti-inflammatories, painkillers, etc., but nothing yet has helped ease the pain. Even at the time of exercising, it triggers the pain. It’s is one of those things where it affects my life daily. So I started up kickboxing, which I enjoy. I thought it’s a great fitness regime as well. But as soon as I started into a few sessions, my sight sugar flared up again. And unfortunately, I had to stop training completely, because it was too painful to carry on. So I was excited to undergo acupuncture with physiotherapy. Not only to get the relief of pain but not to rely on medication for the pain anymore.


I had got my first session of acupuncture which I was looking forward to. So I had my first treatment of acupuncture with physio, and I think it went very well. The needles themselves weren’t as dramatic as I thought there was going to be. I expected them to be these massive needles thick, but they’re tiny in width. You barely actually can feel it. I could feel them going in, apart from certain areas where they are is more tender. That was very sore. I got a lot of information about when it started, why it started, and when it flares up. I came to know a lot about my recent flare-up, which was due to kickboxing. I think I had them in probably about 20 to 25 minutes. I still feel a bit achy. But I do feel a definite change. I feel like something has changed for me. I was looking forward to my next session, which will be next week. In that time, I should keep stretches to help with pain relief.


I’ve noticed a lot of difference. So far from the previous two sessions. I’ve been doing a lot more stretches during that time as frequently as possible. I found it brilliant. It’s improved my cytokines so much in especially whilst I’ve been at work. I’ve not noticed the pain as much anymore. So I’m excited to start training again next week. I’ve missed it so much. But I was going to wait to see what happens because I don’t want to push myself and set myself back again and have to repeat, repeat this process all over again. So I was continuing my sessions.



At my fifth session, I’d seen a lot of improvements since then. At work, I feel so much more comfortable. I was not as agitated, uncomfortable, wriggling around in my chair constantly having to get up and walk around to get some relief, relief from the pain. The stretches as well that I’d been doing at work has improved massively. I just had to sit there and do them at work. But I hadn’t been in about two or three weeks due to rescheduling and between myself. So, some pain has started to come back again now. With this fifth session, I was hoping to get some more pain relief. I was pretty nervous because I’d got a long flight to New Zealand. Probably roughly between 28 and 30 hours worth of travelling. It’s a lot of sitting down on that plane, which I was a bit nervous about.


At my sixth and final session, I didn’t have acupuncture this time because I haven’t experienced any pain whatsoever in a few weeks that is fantastic. So I was excited to go to New Zealand and not nervous about the long flight and Being in pain. So if anyone who’s thinking of trying out acupuncture and physiotherapy, in my personal opinion, I recommend it. It’s great that you not have to rely on pain relief on a day-to-day basis. And it’s a solution for the long term.


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